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James McCabe, born circa 1748, was an Irish watchmaker from Lurgin, near Belfast, the son of the watchmaker Patrick. He ventured to London in 1775, via Belfast where he had worked with his brother Thomas , becoming Free of the Clockmakers Company in 1781. He was raised to the Livery in 1787 and became a Junior Warder in January1809, a Renter Warden in October of that year and finally a Senior Warden in July 1811, the year of his death on the 6th of October at his home in Stoke Newington of 'mortification of the leg'. He left a wife, Elizabeth, and eleven surviving children. The business came to further prominence after his death when he was succeeded by his sons Thomas & James, along with Robert Jeremy, helped by James Snrs widow Elizabeth. After 1833, when Elizabeth died, only two sons, Robert and eldest son Charley, survived with Robert taking sole charge of the business.

The firm made fine clocks and carriage clocks as well as chronometers.

For a full history see Allix & Bonnert, Carriage Clocks; Derek Roberts, Carriage & Other Travelling Clocks; Andrew Nicholls, English Bracket & Mantel Clocks and various other publications


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