John Ellicott II

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John Ellicott, one of the most respected 18th century English clockmakers was born in 1706 and succeeded his clockmaker father who died in 1733. Ellicott established his business at 17 Sweetings Alley, Royal Exchange London where he worked from 1728 until 1772. Like his peer George Graham, in 1738 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, serving as a Councillor for three years as well as writing several papers. He was particularly interested in finding ways to compensate for the effect of temperature changes on the length of a pendulum and published the results of his experiments in a paper entitled “ Contrivances for preventing the Irregularity of Pendulums arising from temperature” which he read to the Royal Society in 1751. Notably Ellicott was the inventor of a compensation pendulum and he developed the use of the cylinder escapement. Later he became clockmaker to George III and made many fine and unusual clocks, famously Ellicott designed the London Hospital clock. He died suddenly in 1772 and was succeeded by his son. His work is included in museums and royal collections throughout the world.

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JOHN ELLICOTT II (1706-1772)
18th Century Chinoiserie Lacquered Longcase Clock
A Very Fine Long case Clock, with a Musical Movement by John Ellicott, Clockmaker to King George the Third Housed within a Chinoiserie lacquer...
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