Jose Borrell

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Jose Borrell was born in Alcoy (Alicante), 1969. He studied at the School of Fine arts of Alicante. Borrell is a very skilled figurative painter. His work has attracted galleries all over Europe. He has always been passionate about painting and perfecting his style and justifies each colour applied and lighting marked to create a beautifully balanced composition. His greatest and most delightful collection is called “The passion”. The combination of an arid landscape, a tiny beetle on the background or just the woman's figure suspended in the air gives a surrealistic touch. The artist believes that desire is always in suspension, like women thoughts are. That’s why women are usually laying on a colourful fabric piece or a flying carpet. He is been commissioned for “Las Fallas” in Valencia to represent the main feminine figure called the “First Lady”. His excellent portraits are in many different national collections and international galleries in the USA.


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