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Joseph Bouvier was one of six artistic children to the painter Jules Bouvier. He exhibited at the Society of British Artists, at the British Institution and the Royal Academy between 1839-53. He painted with a quintessentially Victorian attention to detail, reminiscent of the work of Charles Baxter and Myles Birket Foster.

Joseph Bouvier painted a series of fairy paintings during 1853, including A Sylph and her Fairy Attendants Besprinkling the Early Morning Dew. This painting depicts a Sylph, Rosicrucian spirit of the air for the Ros Crux (the Dew Cross) with her attendants, sprinkling the early morning pearls of dew on the lily and the rose. Dew was believed to be the purest form of water and was essential in the science of Alchemy. Joseph Bouvier brings to life the magic world of the fairies with his visual imagination, unearthly colours and naturalistic detail which dissolves into space.

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