Kangxi Qing

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The second of the Qing Emperors Was able to stabalize the country and stamp out the last of the rebels who wanted a return to the Ming Dynasty.

A great Emperor encouraging the arts and trade especially a lucrative trade with Europe.

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3 Results
KANGXI QING (1662-1722)
Chinese Porcelain Large Dish, Peacocks in Garden Scene, 18th Century
Chinese porcelain famille verte large saucer dish painted with a peacock in a garden scene, with chickens in the foreground, a fence behind with fl...
KANGXI QING (1662-1722)
kangxi blue and white double gourd rosewater sprinkler
Chinese early 18th century blue and white porcelain rose water sprinkler. made during the reign of the Emperor Kangxi for the Islamic community in ...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques
KANGXI QING (1662-1722)
Kangxi blue and white porcelain lidded jar
Chinese early 18th century export ware porcelain made during the reign of the Emperor Kangxi. Excellent lidded potiche made at the kilns at Jingde...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques