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Lionel Edwards the sporting artist, was born at Clifton, Bristol. An interest in country pursuits emerged at an early age and, as a young man, he briefly studied at W. Frank Calderon's school of animal painting in Baker Street, London and attended evening classes at Heatherley's Art School, before becoming a member of the London Sketch Club. In 1989, Country Life accepted Edwards’ drawings of wild cattle at Chillingham, Northumberland, and his first exhibition at Porlock, Somerset in 1904 was a sell-out. He entered the army remount service during the war, and his love of riding saw him become a member of the Hursley hunt committee for forty-three years. Edwards became an associate of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art in 1901, a full academician in 1926, and shortly afterwards a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. In 1931 the Royal Academy exhibited his work A Hunt in the Snow: the Heythrop.

The 1920s saw Edwards begin a series of impressive watercolours depicting different hunting landscapes, from Leicestershire to Ireland, aided by his unique understanding and attention to detail concerning hunting and horses. He illustrated his own articles and books, My Hunting Sketch Book (1928 and 30), Famous Foxhunters (1932), My Irish Sketch Book (1938), Scarlet and Corduroy (1941), Reminiscences of a Sporting Artist (1947), and Thy Servant, the Horse (1952), as well as the books of sporting verse by William Henry Ogilvie (1922 and 1932). He became well known for his appreciation of landscape alongside the action of the hunt itself and continued to exhibit at the Tyron Gallery as late as 1964.

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'Every Dog Has His Day' - Coursing Print
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