Louis Majorelle

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The Majorelle workshops were at 6 rue du Vieil-Aitre in Nancy. At the beginning of the twentieth century there were also four showrooms in Nancy at 20 rue Saint-Georges, in Paris, at 22 rue de Provence, in Lyon, at 28 rue de la République and in Lille at 55 rue Esquermoise. Louis Majorelle was a major exponent of art nouveau and also made a considerable amount of Louis revival furniture. He worked at the Nancy school in various media, his furniture taking on stylised plant forms with fine bronze mounts. 

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A large Giltwood and Vernis Martin Mirror by Louis Majorelle from the Dutch Roya...
This grand mirror has a central rectangular plate framed by ‘vernis Martin’ panels of floral sprays centred on a charming scene of three putti...
Wick Antiques Ltd
Billet doux Louis Majorelle writing desk
Is this elegant or not? Is this high class or not? I think this is one of the most magnificent pieces in the art nouveau history. A billet doux by ...
Galerie Tiny Esveld
Duet music stand by Louis Majorelle
Only one other music stand is known to exist made by Majorelle. It is in the book by Alastair Duncan page 105. Height 130 cm. Ofcourse you can put...
Galerie Tiny Esveld