Marcus Farnworth

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“Imagine a painting that is a natural growth out of a need, I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them” by Jackson Pollock.
A willingness to take risks is one of the qualities that any artist must possess. Being influenced by and following Jackson Pollock’s creative lead, Marcus has certainly confronted RISK in creating this new series of works.
Marcus has been making and experimenting in creative Art practice for nearly three decades now. Painting, sculpture, film making and photography have all provided him with an opportunity to explore the complex risks that circulate around our world and his personal take on those risks.
His latest body of work, “RISK”, has resulted in a number of large canvases which reference the work of the Abstract Expressionists who were central to reconfiguring painting in the middle of the 20th century.
These works reflect his high energy response to” BEING” and a particular sensitivity to the medium of paint. They represent the grounded vision of a dreamer.
“If a man wishes to live with his head in the clouds he must risk becoming a giant, in order to keep his feet on the ground” by Marcus Farnworth.

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