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1515 The Mellerio family traces its beginnings in jewellery and goldsmithing to early in the 16th century in the Lombardy region of Italy. Some of its members moved to Paris in 1515, where they prospered

1635 became royal jewellers for Louis XIII and were given the privilege of using Meller as their name

1789 and 1848 The revolutions interrupted their business temporarily, the latter resulting in an opportunity to open a jewellery business in Madrid where they becamejewellers to Queen Isabel II. Re-established in Paris, they participated in many international expositions

1862 including London

1867 Paris

1873 Vienna

1878 Paris

1900 Paris

1925 The twentieth century saw the firm exhibiting in the Expositions des Arts Décoratifs in Paris

1939 The World’s Fair in New York

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