Nikki Williams

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I work with the dynamic qualities of glass, utilizing gravity & centrifugal force to create beautiful yet simple blown and hot sculpted forms. The physical act of working with a material so alive is never boring; you can never ever take for granted that it will behave exactly as you want. With time & many hours / years practice you learn to respect,& sometimes allow the glass to dictate how something should be formed, working in harmony with it going where it wants to go while coaxing & persuading it occasionally to move where you also want it to move. Neither completely liquid or solid hot glass is a material that is as fascinating & alluring to me today as the very first time I encountered it. Recently I have started to enjoy the added effects made possible to the cold glass through cold working & sculpting techniques a much slower process than when working in hot glass. Here I can start a piece and return to it later to consider how I want the piece to develop. Colour has always played a large role in the majority of my work bringing added joy, vibrancy & impact to the pieces. Inspiration comes far and wide from natural forms to architecture and beyond.I explore form, line, colour and space to create sculptural pieces that the eye wants to delve into, the hand wants to touch & the mind to marvel at.

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