Palais Royal Porcelain

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The Shops & Galleries in the Palais Royal became one of the Paris's leisure centers with luxury items that attracted rich foreign tourist as well as local buyers. The Maison A L'Escalier de Cristal or The Crystal Staircase was established in 1802 by Mme. D'esarnaud in the Palais-Royal in old Paris, and exhibited to great acclaim at the 1819 Exposition des produits de l'industrie. "The Crystal Staircase" gained multiple accolades and medals in national and international exhibitions; for instance: bronze medals at the World Fairs of London in 1862, Paris in 1867 and 1878 and a gold medal at the World Fair of Paris in 1900. The shop produced furniture, porcelain, glass, clocks vases and other objects d'art for the ruling families in Europe, and was appointed Fournisseur brevete' du Roi in 1819, as well as to the Duc de Berry and the Garde-meuble de la Couronne. L'Escalier de Cristal continued its success by collaborating with designers such as Gallé and Christofle, until its closure in 1923.

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Palais Royal Casket
Palais Royal casket - gilt with dried flower decorations in top.
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