Paolo Sala

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Paolo Sala was born on 24 January 1859 in Milan.

He was a painter of landscapes, marine scenes, portraits and genre scenes. He was a student of the Milan Academy. Sala received the Mylius Award in 1880. In Milan he was the founder of the Associatione degli Acquerellisti Lombardi.

The artist visited Paris, London and South America. For several years he lived in Russia where he worked as an artist at the Conservatory of Leningrad.

Sala was involved in one of art history’s most exciting periods. Around the turn of the Century, Europe’s cities gave art rich rewards. Their buildings and their inhabitants thrived, each equally displaying wealth and splendour. Figures walked taller and were draped in finer attire. Horses and carriages move elegantly through these townscapes, whose buildings seem to climb to soaring heights. Sala’s works are breathtaking and increase in popularity as market recognition and hunger for these subjects evolves further.

Sala exhibited his works in Naples, Rome, Venice and Milan.

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