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Paul Philippe was born in Thon in Poland and was a pupil of Antonin Larroux. One of the most successful sculptors of the period he exhibited with success at nearly all of the salons in Paris in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries.

His figures were finely modelled and detailed and often depicted dancers or whimsical figures. Dancers were particularly popular subjects; inspired by the Ballet Russe and the exotic dancers from around the world that were drawn to Paris with its ardour for Jazz and hedonistic distraction. As well as figures of dancers such as Russian Dancer and Radha, Phillipe produced a number of finely composed stylised alegorical figures such as Simplicity, Adoration and Miss Paris which perfectly capture the spirit of the age.

His sculptures were mainly produced in chryselephantine. Originally chryselephantine referred to gold and ivory statuary as produced by the ancient Greeks. It came however to be used as a descriptive term for the luxurious combination of bronze and ivory employed by sculptors during the 1920's and 1930's, the ivory representing the exposed flesh and the bronze the clothing. goes here

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PAUL PHILIPPE (1870-1930)
'Le Grand Ecart Respecteux'
A rare Art Deco bronze and carved ivory figure "Le Grand Ecart Respecteux" [ The Respectful Splits ]. Depicted as a Pierette posed completing the s...
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PAUL PHILIPPE (1870-1930)
A Fine Art Deco Chryselephantine Figure
'Girl Violinist' - A Fine Art Deco Chryselephantine Figure Carved from a Model By Paul Philippe, Cast By Preiss Kassler. This fine ivory and c...
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