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Rino Valido was born in Varesse, Italy in 1947. He always enjoyed creative activities from childhood, and at the age of sixteen attended art school in Genoa on a part-time basis, and simultaneously trained in graphic design as an apprentice, specialising in the technical aspects of colour printing. Here his ability to control and use colour to produce forms and images was instilled, as well as developing his general interest in design. Rino Valido soon arranged to work part-time in a graphic design and printing company, and having acquired a studio in Genoa, painted in the afternoons, holding his first exhibition in Genoa 1975. After a series of exhibitions in the 1980's, he became established enough to become a full time artist. Painting trips to the Camargue region of Southern France had a huge influence on his artistic style, inspiring the distillation of colour, shapes, simple perspectives and horizons into a simple, unified, representation of pure colour and tone. Rino Valido has exhibited extensively throughout his career in Italy, Paris and Dubai, and John Adams Fine Art is very happy to bring his vibrant and dynamic paintings to London for the first time.

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RINO VALIDO (born 1947)
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