Robert Sutton

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Robert Sutton is recorded as working in Stafford, Staffordshire from before 1769 when it is known he took John Chambley as his apprentice on the 28th of October for 7 years at a premium of £10.10.0. He then took William Gilbert as an apprentice on the 16th of June, 1779 for 7 years at a premium of £30.0.0. He advertised for lost watches in 1774, 1781 and 1785. A number of fine clocks are known by him, one with complications to the arch including saint's days, holy days and Gods of the four seasons. I have previously owned a very fine example with complications and a large musical movement.

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A high quality mahogany moon-phase longcase
A stunning mahogany moonphase longcase clock of excellent colour and patination. The eight-day duration movement strikes the hours on a bell and ha...
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