Seth Thomas of Plymouth, Connecticut (The Seth Thomas Clock Company)

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The Seth Thomas Clock Company. Seth Thomas started as a partnership with Silas Hoadley in 1810 when the two bought Eli Terry's plant near Waterbury Ct. Three years later, Seth Thomas (1786 -1859)sold out to Hoadley and started his own plant in Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut where he made tall case clocks with wooden movements. Thomas was not a great inventor. He was slow to change his clock designs and mostly waited until he saw another company have success with a particular style of clock before he would finally, though reluctantly, start making them himself. What made Seth Thomas one of the most successful clock companies in the world was his great business abilities.

After Thomas' death in 1859, his three sons took over the company. Seth Thomas was so respected in Plymouth Hollow, that six years after his death, the residents voted to change the towns name to Thomaston, Connecticut. The company stayed in the Thomas family until the death of Seth's great grandson, Seth E. Thomas, Jr. in 1932. One year prior to his death, however, the company was bought by General Time Instruments Corporation, with Seth E. Thomas, Jr. staying on as chairman of the board until his death. In 1970, The Seth Thomas Clock Company became a division of Talley Industries

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