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Michael Gibson advises us that there were 16 potteries in Sunderland. But of those 16, 'only seven are known to have used lustre decoration'. Hopefully, in time we will provide some data on all of those 16 potteries - a project indeed.

Today we have limited information on almost all of the 16. But the data is surely most 'limited'! Hopefully we will have more detail in the future.

The potteries known for 'lustre' decoration The list, in groups of five for ease of reading, looks like more than seven potteries. But it isn't! As a result of multiple names for the same pottery.

Anthony Scott & Co.
Anthony Scott & Sons
Ball, William
Dawson, John
Dawson & Co.

Dawson's Pottery
Dawson's Low Ford Pottery
Thomas Dawson & Co.
Deptford Pottery
Dixon & Co.

Dixon Austin & Co.
Dixon, Austin, Phillips & Co.
Dixon, Phillips & Co.
Dixon, Robert
Garrison Pottery

Hylton Pot Works
Maling, William
Messrs. Dawson & Co.
S. Moore & Co.
Moore's Pottery

North Hylton Pottery
Olde Sanders Low Ford Pottery
Phillips & Co.
Scott Brothers & Co.
Scott's Pottery

Snowball, Thomas
Southwick Pottery
The Sunderland Pottery
Thomas Snowball's High Southwick Pottery
Wear Pottery

The other potteries

Burnside's Pottery
Monkwearmouth Pottery
Newbottle Potteries (plural since there were three of them)
Seaham Pottery
Sheepfolds Warehouse

Silksworth Pottery
Southwick Union Pottery
St. Bede's Pottery

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