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Artist's Statement

After 3 decades at his potter's wheel, Ted Secombe says that making pots is more challenging now than when he first began, as his motivation is the purely the expression of his ideas and creativity. He has now developed a mastery of the medium that allows him to take his experimentation further than ever before.

Ted likes to work with different shapes and now prefers much simpler forms, forms with the sense of an easy curve, 'like a brush stroke'. 'My inspiration comes when the clay is on the wheel and I am looking at the sensuousness of the curve,' he says. Sometimes he is influenced by the structure of plants and leaves. Ted' s other passion is gardening and he has created a glorious two-acre garden around his studio.

While the grace and size of the pots is impressive, the glazes Ted uses are rich in colour, and delicate in texture and patterning.

Ted Secombe is well known for his beautiful crystalline glazes, as well as his pots of cobalt blue and deep crimson. He works with a huge range of colours and, as with his forms, Ted is now experimenting and developing a new range of glazes, some of which are reminiscent of ancient Chinese glazes. The new glazes involve different firing procedures and Ted is attempting to achieve the best possible results by altering the time and temperature of the firing.

The colours in his garden are also an inspiration to him, and his glazes in autumnal colours are a direct response to the autumn season in Victoria. Ted lived in Queensland for many years, originally establishing a studio in Toowoomba in 1979, before he moved to the Yarra Valley in 1989.

Ted and his partner Ann set up a luxury B&B in the Yarra Valley, and ran that for 9 years selling in 2006, they have now built a new home and studio with Gallery for viewing sill in the Yarra Valley at Dixon's Creek.

Ted Secombe's work has been exhibited throughout Australia and in Sendai, Morioka and Sapporo in Japan. In 2001 he was invited to show a selection of pots in an exhibition of the world's ten top crystalline glaze technologists, in Leeuwarden, Holland, and his pots received great acclaim. Ted's work is in many public and private collections, and he now receives commissions to produce large ceramic works for corporations and hotels in Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

"My need to create vessels of monumental size is driven by a desire to challenge myself as a maker. Being involved in large ceramic vessel production increases awareness of the diversity of skills required to bring about a successful outcome.

Complex problem areas of creation are magnified as vessel size increases. Meticulous planning, advanced throwing skills and physical strength are an integral part of the process.

Glazing poses particular problems as vast surface areas have to be dealt with. Successful pieces of monumental size have a presence that small pieces cannot emulate.

Monumental beautifully formed vessels fill a place of importance in the viewer's imagination. I personally create vessels suited to both grand entrances like those experienced in International hotel lobbies and garden environments where natural elements like sunlight and raindrops can enhance alter or play with form and glaze."

Crystalline Glazes:

Crystalline glazes are among the most fascinating in the ceramic world. A crystalline glaze is characterised by clusters of various shapes and colours embedded into an otherwise uniform glaze of zinc or calcium. This unpredictable process requires a slow cooling process for the development of the crystals and a great deal of skill from the artist. Through his persistence with the technique, Ted Secombe has become one of world's finest practitioners. One can both see as well as feel the structure of the crystals on the surface of his vessels.

Crystalline is expensive to produce. It is labour intensive, demanding great skill and precise control of materials and processes. It is one of the most challenging techniques a potter can undertake. Metallic oxides and combinations of various materials are used to produce a wide range of colours. These range from dark cobalt blues through to golds, browns, reds, pinks, pearls and greens.

Crystalline glazes require careful application and are fired to temperatures of 1320 C for up to 18 hours. The glaze becomes very fluid at high temperatures and has the tendency to flow from the surface of the pot. Ted Secombe has over the years learned to control this glaze fluidity so each piece has a consistent cover of crystals.

Once the high temperature has been reached, the kiln is rapidly cooled to lower temperatures where the crystals form. As crystal formation requires slow cooling, temperatures are precisely controlled and manipulated for maximum crystal growth within the glaze.

Crystals are formed at random, can take on a myriad of shapes and are three dimensional in nature. The beauty, depth and life expressed in a Crystalline glaze is spectacular and unsurpassed. It is a challenge to even the most experienced and knowledgeable potter.


PERSONAL Born in Australia 1957

EDUCATION Downlands College - Queensland, Australia

Graduated with CBLT Associate Diploma in Medical Technology

Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)

BACKGROUND Commenced Potting 1979, Self Taught


GROUP - 2014 New Dehli , India

GROUP - 2004 Arts Exclusive Gallery, Simsbury, Connecticut, USA

SOLO - 2003 Arts Exclusive Gallery, Simsbury, Connecticut, USA

SOLO - 2003 Ascension, Warkworth, New Zealand

GROUP- 2001 St. Joseph Galerie-Leeuwarden, Holland. Galleries Mebius-Noordhorn, Holland

SOLO - 1992 & 1994 Sendai, Morioka and Sapporo - Japan

SOLO - 1991 Sendai and Morioka - Japan


2014 - Sabbia Gallery, Paddington NSW

2014,2013,2012 -Ted Secombe Studio - Dixons Creek, Victoria

2004 - 25th Anniversary, at Ted Secombe Studio, Yarra Glen, Victoria

2003,2001,1999,1998 Cloudehill Gardens – Mount Dandenong, Victoria

1997 Daring Gallery - Melbourne, Victoria

1995 Freeman Gallery - Hobart, Tasmania

1992,93,94,95 & ‘98 Golden Canvas - Sydney, N.S.W.

1994 Valley Gallery - Yarra Valley, Victoria

1984,85,87,93 Elgin Gallery - Melbourne, Victoria

1983, 86 Potters Gallery - Brisbane, Queensland

1982 Australia Craft - Queensland


2014, 2013 Skepsi pop-up Gallery at Monsalvat - Eltham, Vic.

Skepsi pop- up Gallery at Whitehorse Town Hall - Box Hill. Vic.

2004 Skepsi Gallery Imperial Porcelain – Carlton, Melbourne

2003 Skepsi Gallery Imperial Porcelain launch – Carlton, Melbourne

1999 Objects Gallery “A Generous Vessel”- Sydney, Australia

1999 & 2000 International Flower Show - Melbourne, Australia. Artisan Gallery - Launceston, Tasmania

1996 Bamfurlong Gallery - Hahndorf, South Australia.

Fusions Gallery - Brisbane, Queensland

1995 Manly Art Gallery & Museum - Potters Society of Australia

1994 Golden Canvas

1991 Bond University - Gold Coast, Queensland. Sojourners Gallery - Melbourne.

1991 Hallworth House - Yarrawonga, Victoria.

1990 Queensland Potters Association - Brisbane, Queensland

1988 Elgin Gallery, Carlton, Melbourne.

1986 State Ceramic Award - Toowoomba, Queensland. Golden Canvas Gallery - Sydney, N.S.W. Queensland Potters - Melbourne, Vic.

1983 Selected Queensland Potters - South Australia


Art Gallery Illinios - U.S.A

Artbank - Sydney, Australia

ANZ Bank - Melbourne, Australia

Auckland Museum - New Zealand

Australian Meat Workers Union Collection

Ballarat Art Gallery - Victoria, Australia

Ceramic Study Group - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Colgate University - New York, U.S.A.

Crown Casino Collection - Melbourne, Australia

Daiko Corporation - Japan

Fujisaki Collection - Japan

Gandell Collection - Melbourne, Australia

Gold Coast City Art Gallery - Queensland, Australia

Hamilton Art Gallery - Hamilton, Victoria, Australia

High Court of Australia

Kamins Collection of Contemporary Art - U.S.A.

MANABI Park Tajimi - Japan

Manly Art Gallery and Museum - N.S.W. Australia

Melbourne Meat Workers Union Collection

Muswellbrook Art Gallery - N.S.W. Australia

National Gallery of Australia - Canberra, Australia

Powerhouse Museum - Sydney, Australia

QANTAS Collection

Queensland Art Gallery - Australia

Queensland Civic Gallery - Australia

Queensland House - London UK

Queensland Potters Gallery Collection - Australia

Queensland State Collection

Shore Collection - Sydney, Australia

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery - Australia

Warrnambool Art Gallery - Victoria, Australia

Western Australian Art Gallery – Australia

Whitehorse Collection - Melbourne, Australia


2012 Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

2011 Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi,

Epping Plaza, Victoria

2010 Lend Lease Gandel Group, Chadstone

2003, 04 Crown Towers - Melbourne (Art Package)

2000 Westin Plaza Hotel - Singapore (Art package)

Gandel Group - Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne, Aus.

1999 Regent Hotel - Sydney, Australia (Room package 150 pieces)

Island Pacific Hotel - Hong Kong - (Art package)

1998 Ramada Hotel - Hong Kong (Art package)

Shangri-la Hotel - Shanghai China (Art package)

Marriot Hotel - Gold Hill Plaza - Brisbane Australia (Room Package 210 pieces)

Royal North Shore Private Hospital (Art package)

Bond Street Apartments - Sydney. N.S.W. (Art Package)

Crown Towers - Melbourne

Perth Private Hospital - (Art Package)

1997 Ritz Carlton Millennia - Singapore (Art package)

Crown Towers - Melbourne, Australia (Art and Room package 380 pieces)

Sheraton Towers - Kuala Lumpur (Art and Room package 402 pieces)

1996 Ritz Carlton Millennia - Singapore (Art 30 Lobby works and Room package 600 vases)

Conrad Hilton - Singapore (Art package)

Crown Towers - Melbourne, Australia

1994 Laguna Quays Resort - Queensland (Art and room package)


1995 Benalla Mining Co. Pty. Ltd. - Runner-up

1980 -87 Winner of numerous regional ceramic awards

1984, 85, 86 Gold Coast Ceramic Award - Highly Commended

1986 Queensland State Ceramic Award

1986 Fletcher Brown built Merit Award - New Zealand

1985, 86 North Queensland Ceramic Award

1982, 83, 85 Caltex Warana Brisbane Winner






2014 - Ceramic Arts Association of Western Australia. Master Classes Northcote, Melbourne Australia

2013 - Powerhouse Museum - Ceramic Study Group, Sydney, Australia

2002 – Sunshine Coast Potters Group and Wide Bay and Burnett Potters Assn – Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

2001 Warwick - Gladstone - Cairns

2000 North Queensland Potters Assn - Townsville & Charters Towers

1999 Tasmanian Potter’s Society - Devonport, Australia

1998 Macquarie University - Sydney, Australia

1996 Newcastle Potters Studio - N.S.W. Geelong Potters Association - Victoria.

Holmesglen College of TAFE - Victoria. Box Hill College of TAFE - Victoria

1995 Artist in residence, SHORE - Sydney, N.S.W. Lectures to Universities and Colleges

1994 Lectures to Universities and Colleges. Professional workshops conducted

1993 Lectures to Masters Degree Students - Monash University, Vic.

Professional workshops for Ceramic Groups.

1986-87 Lectures to Art Gallery Patrons on Ceramic Appreciation

1982-87 Lectures and Tutorials to Urban and Country Pottery Assns.

1982-83 Lecturer Ceramics - Gold Coast College of TAFE

1981 President - Gold Coast Potters Assn.


2004 Discover Channel 7

2002 Postcard’s Channel 9

1999 Burke’s Backyard Channel 9

1998 Burke’s Backyard Channel 9



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Ted Secombe Bottle Vase
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Ted Secombe Bowl
Ted Secombe Bowl with a matt crystaline glaze and black interior
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Ted Secombe Carved Bowl
Ted Secombe Carved Green and Blue Vessel with flattened shoulders in a Satin and Matte Crystalline Glaze
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Ted Secombe Craved Bowl
Ted Secombe Satin and Matte Crystaline Glazed Carved Bowl in Pale Green
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Flat Shouldered Vase
Ted Secombe Flat Shouldered Vase in a Matt Crystaline Glaze
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Green Bottle Vase
Tes Secombe Bottle Vase in a Green Matt Crystaline Glaze
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Ted Secombe Group of Three
Ted Secombe "Group of Three" Vessels in a Crystaline Duck Egg Glaze
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Ted Secombe Group of Three Vases
Ted Secombe Group of Three Bottle Vases in Matt Crystalline Glaze each vase showing the graduation of the development of the Crystalline Process in...
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Ted Secombe Lidded Jar
Ted Secombe Lidded Jar in a Res and Blue Crystaline Glaze
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Ted Secombe Lidded jar
Ted Secombe Lidded Jar in a Pink Crystaline Glaze
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Orange and Green Bowl
Ted Secombe Bowl in a satin matte crystaline glaze
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Oval Vase
Ted Secombe Oval Vase in Porcelain with a matt crystalline decoration
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Pink and Blue Vase
Ted Secombe Two handled Vase in a satin and gloss crystaline glaze
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Plumb Vase
Ted Secombe Plum Vase in a Matt Crystaline Glaze
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Red and Blue Bowl
Ted Secombe Bowl in a satin matte crystaline glaze
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Shouldered Vase
Ted Secombe Shouldered Vase in a Satin and Matte Crystaline Glaze
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Vase
Ted Secombe Vase in a Mauve Salin and Matte Glaze
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Vase
Ted Secombe Carved Vase in a Satin and Matt Crystaline Glaze
AD Antiques Ltd
Ted Secombe Yellow and Green Vase
Ted Secombe Vase in a satin matte crystaline glaze
AD Antiques Ltd