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The Malby family of map and globe makers was started by Thomas Malby, Sr. about 1839 and continued producing globes until the turn of the 20th century. The firm operated as Malby & Son with Thomas Malby, Jr. and globes produced by the company generally were engraved by C. Malby -- presumably a family member -- and later continued by Thomas Malby III. The Malby firm is perhaps best known for producing a strikingly large reissue of John Addison’s 1825 terrestrial globe at about 36 inches in diameter (92 cm) produced for the Great Exhibition. Malby produced a variety of table globes in many sizes as well as an interesting pocket globe. The depiction of the lines of magnetic variation on a globe was a Malby innovation. The Malby firm associated itself with the geographical publishing of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK). By 1862, Malby globes designed for the SDUK were published by Edward Stanford (1827-1904) whose company is still in business today. Malby also worked with James Wyld, a map, atlas, and globemaker. Wyld sold Malby globes with a James Wyld overlabel.

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A Victorian 36-inch terrestrial ‘colossus’ globe by Thomas Malby (4471721)
A highly important and rare mid 19th century 36-inch terrestrial 'colossus' globe by Thomas Malby, consisting of 24 hand coloured engraved segments...
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