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18th- to 20th-century Tunbridge ware; valuations
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Tunbridge Ware Spool box
A rosewood spool box with miniature parquetry to the lid. The interior with compartments.
Tunbridge Ware Go To Bed
A Go To Bed with geometric mosaic.
Tunbridge Ware Needles Box
A small sloping needles box with geometric mosaic.
EDMUND NYE (died c.1863)
Tunbridge Ware Combined Emery, Waxer & Tape Measure
A combined emery, thread waxer and tape measure by Edmund Nye.
Topographical Tunbridge Ware - An Illustrated Guide
An Illustrated Guide to the Mosaic Views on Tunbridge Ware by Howard Rockley. This 72-page guide should prove an indispensible hand book for col...
Flights of Fancy - A Booklet
A 24 page booklet on The Peach Collection of Tunbridge Ware. With 70 colour illustrations the booklet features 50 pieces of Tunbridge Ware to be in...
Landmarks - A Booklet
A 32 page booklet on the topographical Tunbridge Ware in The King Collection. With 80 colour illustrations the booklet features 27 locations, which...
THOMAS BARTON (died 1903)
Tunbridge Ware Trinket Box
A trinket box with stylised floral motif to the lid. Labelled Thomas Barton.
Tunbridge Ware Cribbage Box
A rosewood veneered cribbage box with floral mosaic to the lid & frieze. To read about the age-old game of cribbage, p...
Tunbridge Ware Games Counters
Four mosaic games counters. 1.5 & 2.5 cm diameter.
Tunbridge Ware Chamberstick
An unusual whitewood chamberstick painted with concentric rings and with a label, "A Brighton Trifle". The cylindrical cover unscrews to form the h...
Tunbridge Ware Cottage Inkwell
A whitewood painted cottage inkwell. Unscrews to reveal a glass inkwell & with a paper label "A Trifle from Brighton".
Tunbridge Ware Spool Box
A rare painted cottage spool box with sliding lid. Recently returned from New England, the interior of the roof has documentation detailing its jou...
Tunbridge Ware Card Case
A card case with a stylized motif to one side and perspective cubes on the reverse.
Tunbridge Ware Emery
A stickware emery in the shape of an eggcup.