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English, Continental and Oriental pottery and porcelain 1650 to 1870
English Saltglazed Stoneware Small Bowl.
18th century English saltglazed stoneware small bowl, painted in enamel colours with a fence, flowers and a bird in flight. 'Buy This item Now' ...
Vienna Porcelain Trembleuse saucer.
18th century Vienna porcelain deep saucer with 'trembleuse' cage to steady a cup or beaker. Decorated with hand painted polychrome flowers and gild...
Antique Porcelain Sifter Spoon.
18th century Continental hard paste porcelain sifter spoon with moulded handle, decorated with underglaze blue.
Continental Porcelain Sifter Spoon.
Early 19th century Continental porcelain sifter spoon with moulded 'gryphon' handle terminal, decorated with gilding. Probably French.
Staffordshire Porcelain Castle Pastille Burner.
19th century Staffordshire porcelain pastille burner in the form of a castle, decorated with applied flowers and foliage.
Unusual English porcelain Sander.
An unusual 19th century English porcelain small baluster shape 'sander' (for sprinkling sand onto wet ink) Decorated with a hand painted oval panel...
Victorian Staffordshire Greyhound.
Early Victorian Staffordshire large model of a Greyhound, lying on an underglaze blue 'penholder' base with gilt line. 'Buy This item Now' with ...
Derby Botanical Plate.
A good, late 18th century Derby porcelain plate, finely painted with a botanical subject after the hand coloured engraving published by William Cur...
Paris Porcelain Oval Tray.
PARIS porcelain oval tray, decorated with hand painted flowers & gilding against a pale yellow ground. Unmarked.
Worcester Vine Leaf Pickle Tray (a)
1st period Worcester porcelain vine leaf shaped pickle tray, painted in underglaze blue with flowers and trailing vines. Crescent mark. 'Buy Th...
Staffordshire Figure of a Shepherd & his Dog.
An unusual early Victorian Staffordshire figure of a shepherd with his dog. Possibly Dudson.
French Porcelain Pastille Burner Cottage
An unusual 19th century French hard paste porcelain pastille burner (incense burner) in the form of a timber framed cottage, made in two sections w...
Spode Porcelain Candlestick
19th century Spode porcelain small candlestick, with hand painted flowers,pink ground and gilding. Pattern number '4323' Described in the 1820 sh...
English Lustre Large Jug with Windmill & Birds.
A very decorative early 19th century English pearlware large jug with relief moulded decoration of a windmill on one side and nesting birds on the ...
English Porcelain Small Chamberstick.
An attractive early 19th century English porcelain small chamberstick, of unusual flat shape with a curled handle, finely decorated with hand paint...