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Antique canes, walking sticks and umbrellas
Walking cane with monkey group handle
Wonderful and large Meiji period ivory handled cane, the "T" shaped handle carved as a group of monkeys. Mounted with gold collar onto a Malacca sh...
Walking cane with elephant handle
Very good and unusual depiction of a ivory elephant sat upright on is hind legs. Mounted on a Malacca shaft, the large Elephant is very nicely car...
Walking stick with large hound handle
Ivory handled cane dated 1902, carved as the head of a dog, with glass eyes and mounted onto a Malacca shaft with a silver collar. Hallmarked JH Lo...
Walking cane in the form of wooden duck with opening beak
Carved automaton walking cane in the form of a Duck, with opening mouth. When the mouth it reveals a frog on the ducks tongue. Circa 1920 Overall...
Ivory Handled cane late 19th century
Walking cane, the handle carved in the form of a Cockatoo, with striking green glass eyes and black painted beak. Mounted on a bamboo shaft. Circa...
Folk art walking stick with mans face
One piece folk art cane with handle carved as a face. English circa 1870 overall length 85cm
Walking cane with dog head handle
Victorian Walking stick, the wooden handle carved in the form of a dogs head. Repousse decorated collar engraved "B. Docherty from St Johns Wood 2...
Antique walking cane, with Ivory and silver pommel
Silver mounted ivory handled cane, late 19th century. The pommel carved as the head of a bearded man with repousse decorated silver skull cap / tur...
Automaton walking cane
Rare ivory handled automaton cane circa 1900. The handle carved as an Afican man. When the button inset in the collar is depressed, the mouth mouth...
Walking cane with carved handle of a cat
Ivory handled cane, late 19th century, the handle carved as the head of an alert cat. Glass eyes. Mounted with repousse decorated silver collar ont...
Walking cane with carved ivory handle depicting winning jockey
19th century large ivory handled walking cane, carved as the head of a jockey, wearing a cap with painted details, a large horseshoe around his nec...
Prince Albert Walking Cane
Very good ivory Handled cane sculpted full length as Prince Albert on mounted socle. Gilt metal collar and hardwood shaft. Circa 1890. Length of...
Folk art cane depicting Cecil Rhodes
Spectacular folk art cane of large proportions depicting Cecil Rhodes. Dated 1889, (This was to probably commemorate the founding of the South Afr...
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Late 17th century plain 'Puritan' style cane
Late 17th century Malacca cane with Ivory knop and original brass ferrule
Large late 17th century pique walking cane
Large 17th century pique cane, Malacca shaft and original steel ferrule. Length of handle 4 inches Overall length 38 inches