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Maritime pictures & works of art; military pictures & campaign furniture; colonial furn... read more
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Maritime pictures & works of art; military pictures & campaign furniture; colonial furniture & works of art; Chinese export trade

Silver Bracelet Buckle
A typical Victorian cuff barcelet with ivy leaf engraving, hallmarked for Henry Bourne, Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, 1883. width 1.25 in
Rococo Revival Corkscrew
An exceptional bronze doré and steel corkscrew, French, last quarter of the 19th century in the rococo style of the 18th century. From the worksho...
Curious Scarf Clip
A curious scarf clip; perhaps two Europeans in Chinese dress, carved ivory in a shaped, fitted and fitted silver coloured metal mount. Chinese ...
Cavalry Sword Candlesticks
An excellent pair of candlesticks made from cavalry sword hilts and standing on feet manufactured as spurs. Solid brass throughout with the origina...
Silkwork and Relics
An early silk work picture, the central image of the Virgin surrounded by trailing flowers imploring the viewer to remember Her; Forget-Me-Nots and...
Tortoiseshell Frame
An early 19th century tortoiseshell miniature frame with a cast silver metal pediment. Dutch circa 1820. 5.5 in x 7.5 in
Large English Portrait Frame
A large gilt gesso portrait frame, English circa 1830. 46.5 in x 54.5 in s.s:41.25 in x 33.25 in
English Carved & Gilded Frame
A large, carved and gilded wooden frame. English circa 1910 in the 17th century English style. 40.75 in x 59 in
Tiny Bronze Geese
Four pairs of miniature Vienna Bronze models of running geese. Austrian circa 1920. .5 inches long. £48 each pair
Sailor's Seam Rubber
A sailor made seam rubber carved similar to many walking canes encountered with a spiralling stem and turk's head knot at the end. Walrus tusk. ...
Austrian Bronze Robin
An early 20th century life-sized Vienna Bronze model of a Robin. Austria circa 1910. 3.5 inches high.
Shell-Based Brass Candlesticks
A fine and rare pair of George II shell-based candlesticks each with a separate bobèche, the stem made in two parts with the resulting braize line...
Downhearth Lark Spit
An eighteenth century wrought iron two-bar lark spit. English circa 1790. w:12.25 in x d:6.5 in x h:11.5 in
Masonic Miniature
The Lord's Prayer written very, very small and surrounded by masonic symbols. Ink and coloured wash within a pressed brass over wood frame. Eng...
Hogscraper Candlesticks
A pair of English, late 18th century, tinware 'Hogscraper' candlesticks with axe-head shaped ejector lifting piece. English circa 1800. Heig...