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Maritime pictures & works of art; military pictures & campaign furniture; colonial furn... read more
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Maritime pictures & works of art; military pictures & campaign furniture; colonial furniture & works of art; Chinese export trade

Vienna Bronze Gun Dog
A cold painted bronze model of a gun dog. Austrian, Vienna, circa 1900. 7 inches long
Neoclassical Square Column Candlesticks
A tall and handsome pair of Neoclassical brass candlesticks of excellent quality and condition with separate loose nozzles. English circa 1770....
Snake & Grapes
A wood carver's tour de force, perhaps ecclesiastical, designed with Christian symbolism in the form of a vase surrounded by a grapevine entwined ...
Staircase Finials
Three French cut glass staircase finials; A blown and cut, B & C solid glass, slab cut. A:6.75 inches B:5 inches C:6 inches Circa 1880...
George II Petal-Based Candlesticks
A fine and substantial pair of George II petal-based brass candlesticks with a twist stem ejector mechanism (now jammed). English circa 1760. ...
Rosemåling Basket
A large Rosemåling basket, beautifully crafted and typically painted. Norwegian circa mid 20th century. dia:21 in x h:14.75 in
Boy with Birds in a Nest
A finely cast bronze sculpture of a boy with a nest of young birds, with excellent after-work throughout and finished with a soft, translucent lacq...
Stork & Crown Candlesticks
A pair of bronze storks standing on gilded rocky bases and holding aloft gilded foliate candles sockets; a gilded crown around their necks. The bro...
Whaler's Fid
A substantial turned whalebone fid. English/American circa 1850. 13 7/8 in x 2 in
18th Century Brass Candlesticks
A fine pair of square-based brass candlesticks with a raised ring to the base; a considerate detail to catch the running wax preventing it from rea...
Columnar Candlesticks
A pair of Neo-Classical period brass candlesticks, a little pink in the metal, the square bases with two beaded edges rising to support a part stop...
Souvenirs of a Not-Grand Tour
A finely made cedarwood box full of junk, mostly from India. THe majority of articles retaining their torn paper and hand written labels; 'Tanjore....
Chippendale Candlesticks
A pair of square-based brass candlesticks rendered rare and wonderful by virtue of the bracket foot made fashionable on furniture during this perio...
Officer Cat in Khaki
Vienna Bronze cat dressed as officer in khaki. Austrian circa 1900. h:2.25 in
Fancy Square-Based Candlesticks
A fine, sharp, pair of Georgian brass candlesticks with separate loose bobeches, the elegant and detailed stem with a six sided shoulder reciprocat...