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Bronze Patinated Sculpture Lying Greyhound on a Red Griotte Marble Base Signed F...
Lying Greyhound on an oval rouge griotte marble base. Signed on the collar FRATIN Beautiful Original condition and fine quality with a nice green-b...
Serge Daelmans Antiques and Fine Art
Grand Tour Neo-Classical Bronze Statue of Narcissus after the Roman Model found ...
Grand Tour Neo-Classical bronze sculpture of Narcissus. After the Roman Original found in bronze at Pompeii in Italy.
Serge Daelmans Antiques and Fine Art
Cast Bronze of Diane do Gabries
Cast Bronze of Diane do Gabries, Goddess/Wife of Artemis, from the marble statue in the Louvre 5"w x 4"d x 13"h
Church Street Antiques
Graux Marly Large Bronze Statue of a Classical Female Figure, 19th Century
A very good quality large 19th century French bronze statue of a classical female figure signed; Graux Marly Jules Graux's foundry was based at...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Bronze of Harmonie by Carrier Belleuse, 19th Century
Beautiful antique bronze sculpture of Harmonie inscribed Carrier Belleuse on the side of the column the lady is sitting on. She is holding a lyre i...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
GIAMBOLOGNA (1529-1608)
Two patinated bronze sculptures of Mercury and Fortuna after Giambologna
These French 19th Century sculptures depict the Roman deities, Mercury and Fortuna. In Roman religion and mythology, Mercury was responsible for de...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
19th Century Lacquered And Gilded Wood And Plaster Italian Moor Sculpture, 1880
Great Italian sculpture from 19th century. Sculptured, lacquered and gilded object in wood and plaster of beautiful decoration. Sculpture depicting...
19th Century life size cast iron statue
A life size French mid 19th Century cast iron statue of a semi clad pretty maiden wearing classical Greek costume, standing over a broken jug whils...
Martlesham Antiques
LUC BENEDETTI (born 1970)
The Charge bronze by Luc Benedetti men playing Rugby with weathered green patina...
This terific bronze of a Rugby Charge with all its power, energy and movement. Beautiful piece if you love Rugby you are going to love the sculptur...
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Art World Gallery
Rare large Meiji period Bronze of a reclining female.
An very impressive large Japanese Meiji period (1868-1912) bronze statue of a reclining female.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
'The Juggler' - A Fine Art Deco Silvered Bronze Figure
'The Juggler' - A Fine Art Deco Silvered Bronze Figure, By Claire J. R. Colinet. This dramatic and large silvered bronze figure by Colinet depi...
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Adrian Alan
Pair of 17th century wooden statues
Pair of wooden statues carved all round, in gilded and polychrome wood, 210 cm high, 140 cm the two sculptures comprising base in white Carrara mar...
Riccardo Moneghini
20th Century Hand Painted Porcelain Sculpture Pair of Players
Refined hand painted sculpture in porcelain mark at the base. Two young players made with care in the details painted with clothes in shades of blu...
Mobili del Passato SRL
Chiurazzi Bronze Faun Statue After the Antique
Late 19th-century Neapolitan verdigris bronze faun stamped Chiurazzi. The faun is after the classic antique circa 100 BC bronze dancing faun – or...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Bronze Statue Of Antinous By Boschetti, 19Th Century
A bronze statue of a Roman classical figure holding a later sceptre by Boschetti, 19th century on a marble pedestal impressed BOSCHETTI / ROMA. H...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
16th Century Giltwood Statue Of Hercules
A rare 16th century carved wooden figure of Hercules stood contrapposto resting against a tree trunk draped with his lion pelt. Original surface, t...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
16th Century Terracotta Statue of Hannibal Barca
A 16th-century terracotta statue of Carthaginian, Hannibal Barca, standing contrapposto in military dress, his right arm raised holding an absent s...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Pair of 19th Century French Terracotta Classical Female Torsos
Near Lifesize Pair of 19th Century French Terracotta Classical Female Torsos
Talisman London
Bronze Statue of a Painter holding his Palette Signed Salmson France 19th centur...
Patinated Bronze statue of an artist standing holding his palette and mahlstick in his left hand. The round base is signed SALMSON. The French scul...
Serge Daelmans Antiques and Fine Art
Bronze Statue of David After Andrea del Verrocchio
A full-size 19th-century Grand Tour bronze casting of David, after the original by Andrea del Verrocchio (1435 – 1488). Height 125cm – 49in...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Pair of Copper Classical Statuettes Lamps
Pair of Copper Classical Statuettes on Green Marble Base - converted to electric lamps - Early 20thC - all lights and lamps have been rewired with...
Church Street Antiques
Large marble figure after Michelangelo's 'David'
This beautiful figure has been carved in the image of the internationally-renowned sculpture of David by Michelangelo. The original was crafted bet...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Art Nouveau Sculpture in Silvered Terracotta Figure of a Lady
Beautiful refined sculpture in silvered Clay on a wooden base. Figure of a beautiful young girl with basket and kerchief in her hand. The girl is d...
Mobili del Passato SRL
Gianmaria Buccellati, a Rare and Exceptional Italian Silver Bobcat
Gianmaria Buccellati, a rare and exceptional Italian silver bobcat circa 1990s. Made in Milan Italy. Retail price was $72,000 USD + Tax. Very f...
Solomon Treasure
Massive Life-Size Pair of Chinese Asian Cloisonne Enamel Tigers
A Massive life-size pair of chinese asian cloisonne enamel tigers, circa 1920 Very decorative. Very fine quality. See photos. 38" high x 61" long...
Solomon Treasure
Large Pair of Chinese Asian Cloisonne Enamel Tigers
A large pair of Chinese Asian cloisonne enamel tigers, circa 1920. Very decorative. Very fine quality. See photos. Measures: 23" high x 21" long...
Solomon Treasure
A late 17th century Flemish carved wooden polychrome figure of Bacchus. Height 12 inches
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Regency Black Painted Plaster Figure of a Muse by Humphrey Hopper
A Regency black painted plaster standing female figure light by Humphrey Hopper depicted in classical dress, holding aloft a candle light with etch...
Raymond Horneman
GOVANNI RONZAN (c.1906-1974)
Sculpture in Polychrome Artistic Ceramics Art Decò 1945s
Refined sculpture in polychrome ceramic by the important italian artist Giovanni Ronzan 1945s. Signed below. Figure of a young girl sitting absorbe...
Mobili del Passato SRL
Bronze mother and child by Faure de Brousse
This beautiful sculpture of a mother and child was created in c.1900 by the French sculptor, Vincent Desire Faure de Brousse. Faure de Brousse was ...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
An extremely heavy cast silver statuette of Prime Minister Winston Churchill dur...
Depicted in Homburg hat, pinstripe  three-button, single-breasted suit and bow tie, one hand in pocket, the other holding a cane, on simulated roc...
The Pedestal
Pair Wood Sculptures Statues of Musketeer and Pikeman Polychromed Wood signed Je...
Pair of finely sculpted polychrome wooden statues of a pikeman and a musketeer by the Spanish sculptor Jeronimo Sunol. (Barcelona 1839 - Madrid 190...
Serge Daelmans Antiques and Fine Art
JIM RENNERT (born 1958)
Edition of 9
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
Female Figure (Standing Nude, Left Hand Raised)
Inscribed Lachaise (along the side of the base); also inscribed Lachaise/©/1927, Lachaise/Estate and 4/11 (along the reverse of the base). Modeled...
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
PAUL DUBOIS (1829-1905)
Late 19th Century Bronze Sculpture Entitled 'Marquerite' Signed P. Dubois
A wonderful late 19th century bronze sculpture entitled "Marquerite" Signed P. Dubois The bronze depicting a beautiful woman playing the harp...
Charles Cheriff Galleries, Ltd.
A lovely pair of late 19th century bronzes of putti at play
A lovely pair of late 19th century bronzes of putti at play Each bronze depicting three putti wrestling around, one with a bird, the other with ...
Charles Cheriff Galleries, Ltd.
20th Century Copper-Colored Metal Italian Sailing Ship Sculpture, 1970
Italian sculpture from the 70s / 80s. Object in worked and painted copper-colored metal representing a sailing ship model. Sculpture of great size ...
19th Century Bronze statue of a circus act, by F. Rolard (1842-1912)
A very good quality 19th Century bronze statue of a young man with a monkey on his shoulder, circus act. Signed; Francois-Laurent Rolard (French,...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
MARCEL DEBUT (1865-1933)
Two Orientalist style patinated bronze maquettes by Marcel Début
Created by the French artist, Marcel Début, in the late 19th Century, these are beautiful pieces of naturalistic, figurative sculpture. Marcel Dé...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
FRANÇOIS DUQUESNOY (c.1597-c.1643)
Renaissance style marble figure of sleeping child
This marble figure of a sleeping child was crafted around 1800 in the style of François Duquesnoy, a sculptor active in Italy in the early 17th Ce...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
'Enfant à la Cage'
A Fine Late 19th Century Louis XVI Style Gilt and Patinated Bronze Sculpture Entitled "Enfant à la Cage" On A Malachite Vaneered Marble Base Th...
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Charles Cheriff Galleries, Ltd.
Leslie Harradine 1887 - 1965 Allure Glazed terracotta, signed & dated 1948 Height:15 ¼ inches
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Darnley Fine Art
Alabaster Statue of Napoleon Bonaparte Marble Base France 19th Century
Alabaster sculpture of a standing Napoleon Bonaparte on a verde antico marble base. On the base the intial N in brass. This sculpture belongs t...
Serge Daelmans Antiques and Fine Art
Silvio Righetto 20th Century Painted Ceramic Cacciapuoti Italian Sculpture Cyran...
Great Italian sculpture by Silvio Righetto dated 1956. Object in glazed ceramic Cacciapuoti, hand painted, of exceptional size and quality. Sculptu...
18th century highly decorative life size Continental carved oak figure
A large highly decorative 18th century Continental life size carved oak figure of possibly the Greek God of Medicine, Asclepius. This figure con...
LVS Decorative Arts Ltd.
Mario Buccellati, Rare and Exceptional Italian Silver Walking Peacock
Mario Buccellati, rare and exceptional Italian silver walking peacock, circa 1970. Signed Buccellati Italy. Measures: Height 17 inches Length 2...
Solomon Treasure
Figure of a Bacchante
A Roman bronze and gilt-bronze figure of a Bacchante, circa 1780.
James Graham-Stewart Ltd
HENRI-HONORÉ PLÉ (1853-1922)
'Le Message des Oiseaux' - A Fine Multipatinated and Polychrome Bronze Figure
'Le Message des Oiseaux' - A Fine Multipatinated and Polychrome Bronze Figure By Henri Honoré Plé. This exceptional bronze figure depicts a ...
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Adrian Alan